Kristen Jensen Headshots, Shot in Greenwich CT for Corporate Professionals, Simply Work!

Have you ever wondered why you lost that last job or bombed a very important interview?

Perhaps you were just having “one of those days” or maybe it was something more at the forefront. Maybe your headshot photo is outdated and of low quality? Just saying…


If you or loved ones are searching for the best professional headshots Greenwich CT, or headshots Greenwich CT, this may just be your lucky day!

Kristen Jensen, former professional model and actress turned headshot photographer, knows the business of headshot photography inside and out.

Ms. Jensen also realizes what it takes to make a lasting first impression by capturing your very best look with the click of a shutter!

Headshots Vancouver by d'Soleil Photography

Kristen photographs very smart corporate women, intelligent business men, actors, theatrical personalities and professional models fro all genres.

These savvy business executives are looking to advance their careers to high-level positions in Fortune 500 companies throughout Southern Connecticut, and the New York Metropolitan area.

Let’s face it, you only have one chance to make the best first impression possible. HR managers and hiring execs conducting job interviews, subconsciously make that decision in less than one minute, all based on first impressions, Period!


Jensen Productions is very diversified in the field of headshot photography and paints with a broad brush stroke.

Ms. Jensen will also provide corporate headshots Greenwich CT and business headshots Greenwich CT. No matter what your headshot photography needs are, she has a headshot package that is right for you and at very affordable prices.

Our portrait studio also provides social profile images for any individual or executive searching for LinkedIn headshots Greenwich CT.

Don’t forget, please mention you watched this YouTube video advert when you call to receive Kristen’s special, one time, 10% discount off your first headshot photo shoot 🙂

Clients can be nervous and self-conscious before and during their first headshot session. This is why Kristen is well known as the best headshot photographer in Greenwich CT.
She has a way of making her subjects feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera.

Check out our newest headshot photography  playlist for your viewing pleasure and interest.

The single best idea when shooting headshots Old Greenwich CT, is to bring your subject to a point of relaxation wherein they aren’t thinking about how they look, how uncomfortable posing is, and what side of their face or profile looks the best.


Finding the Best Look for Your Headshot Client:

To find your subjects best side, take a test shot or two on each side, study their face and ask your client which side they think is their best side.

Once you determine which side you want to shoot, adjust your lighting for your shoot and adjust your client for the shoot. Renowned headshot photographer, Peter Hurley is famous for doing this.

Positioning of lights for headshots and client, will play a large role in determining the success of your shoot.


Don’t you want to make a lasting first impression? Is so, give Kristen a call today at or visit her website.

Please be sure to mention seeing this video ad when calling to receive 10% off your first booking! Look only for photographers Greenwich CT reviews when trying to locate us online. From all of our staff, to all of you, we appreciate your ongoing business and sincerely hope you will choose Kristen Jensen for your next photo session.

Thank You all for your support and patronage, KJ 🙂

Kristen Jensen, Professional Headshot Specialist
Greenwich, CT 06830

About Ms. Jensen’s professional career. 

Affordable headshots Greenwich CT.

Be sure to peruse this related YouTube video on taking the best headshots possible.

Thank you !



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