Makeup Artists in Fairfield County CT Helping Local Brides Look Their Best!

The Spring wedding season is right around the corner for  engaged couples throughout Southern Connecticut and all sections of Fairfield County.


Looking for makeup artists in Fairfield County CT? Your search has ended because our team of bridal and acting makeup artists are affordable and produce Hollywood style results at prices that should be considered very reasonable. Whatever your beautification or cosmetic needs, whether it be for wedding makeup artist Fairfield County CT or a headshot makeup artist Fairfield County CT, our talented staff and technicians, quite literally, have you covered!


A makeup artist Brookfield CT is someone who uses cosmetic techniques and processes to create beauty upon the human body. In its simplest form, it enhances a person’s appearance, bringing out color and features and hiding or smoothing out flaws, using cosmetic products. At its most extreme, makeup artistry creates imaginative characters and special effects for films, television, photography and theater.

Professional makeup artists Darien CT also work to provide clients with the kind of look they want to achieve by applying cosmetics. Depending on the kinds of clients they cater to, makeup artists can make a bride look truly blushing for her wedding day, make models ready for the cameras or create out-of-this world characters for movies and film.


There are two main categories of makeup artist Greenwich CT. Cosmetic or fashion artists range from the clerk at the Old Greenwich store makeup counter to the artist who prepares fashion models for photo shoots. The artist knows how to make the subject look her or his best, and understands the different effects required by lighting and digital photography.

The fashion artist also works with designers to create a certain look for the model, such as emphasizing lip shape or cheekbones. Our local business is highly respected and also provide services for wedding hair and makeup Fairfield County CT. Thanks to digital cameras, makeup artists are increasingly in demand for weddings, fashion shoots, fashion shows, corporate headshot photography, and other special events that will be photographed or recorded.


Some of the top makeup artists in the world got their very start working for local celebrities and modeling agencies right next door in New York City. Pat McGrath is one such makeup artist, and has done makeup preparation for many famous models, singers and movie stars. Having worked in the industry since the 1990s, Pat’s one of the most iconic makeup artists of all time. And, she shapes trends every season as a backstage staple at fashion week. 2016 standout moment: When she launched Pat McGrath Labs Lust 004 — AKA, “glitter lips” — the most anticipated lip trend for fall 2016.

When it comes to beauty, we love when celebs share their secrets with us—nothing makes us feel better than when we see that Beyoncé doesn’t always wake up like this and sometimes needs the assistance of Sir John, her trusted makeup artist. In fact, makeup artists offer the perfect opportunity to see celeb beauty up close and personal with candid snaps on everyone’s favorite social media K-hole, Instagram.

For models who are going to walk the runway during fashion shows, makeup artists Danbury CT collaborate with the designer who decides on the look for all models. For your convenience our makeup artist New Milford CT is located close by our Brookfield location for those that enjoy a shorter drive. For instance, if the designer wants a mystical theme for his or her fashion show then the makeup artist will make each model look supernatural, taking into consideration the effect that is given when stage lights hit the model’s faces. Please click here to locate our live event posted on YouTube!

A wedding makeup artist Fairfield County CT has extensive knowledge that may not be exactly the same or as involved as a professional makeup artist Fairfield County CT as well as a top notch bridal makeup artist Fairfield County CT. Talented, highly enthusiastic and upcoming headshot makeup artists Fairfield County CT are young, vibrant and creative.


In any case, we rise above and beyond our competitors and this is only one reason why we have been named the best makeup artist Fairfield County CT for two years in a row. Many modeling makeup artists Fairfield County CT team up with acting makeup artists in Fairfield County CT at local Broadway musicals and plays to work their magic on the faces of the actors, dancers and singers.

Makeup artists Norwalk CT working in the film industry, meanwhile, don’t necessarily have to make their subjects look pretty.  Rather, the emphasis is on applying makeup that will make the actor look like the character he is meant to play. If an actor is supposed to play the role of Albert Einstein or some other famous figure in history, makeup artists Redding CT know exactly what to do in order to create an exact replica. Some makeup artists are so talented that they can make young actors look older and transform male actors to females and vice-versa. For more exciting videos on the best makeup artist in Fairfield County CT click on this link.


Current news on makeup artists Westport CT has just become available. Thank you for you continued patronage and considering the top notch services of wedding makeup Fairfield County CT. Please be sure to watch more videos on our YouTube channel’s playlist.


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